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Here is a new shooting drill for basketball players looking to work on there ball handling and pull up.

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I’ve recently been using drills that incorporate the back dribble you’ve seen in this video.

I don’t think that it is something that you should use often as it adds more dribbles to your possession, but it’s and awesome skill to have to limit your turnovers and to not play at too hurried of a pace.

To execute this drill simply attack one of the elbows out of triple threat or off of a live dribble.

When you reach the elbow stop and plant with your inside foot all the while protecting the basketball.

From there you will be back dribbling while still protecting the ball.

When you get back to the top of the circle (this is a triangle shaped drill) make a low crossover and change directions on the defense.

You now can get into your pull up jump shot at the other elbow.

You can either take one dribble after the crossover and pull or you can pull right out of the crossover.

This drill can also be done from other angles.

I hope you liked this one guys.

It’s been a while since I released some shooting stuff because I am releasing a new shooting program in the future and am saving a few things, but this is a good one.

Please share this if you liked it and I’ll catch you next time.


Augie Johnston

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